How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors in a market that is notoriously opaque?

We work according to our core values: transparency on pricing, impartiality, and an avoidance of conflict of interest at all times. This means that our clients always know how much money we make on a transaction conducted on their behalf. The only person who we receive compensation from is our client, i.e. we do not take kickbacks, which means that we are able to provide completely impartial advice. We really are our clients' fiduciaries which means we can obtain the best possible result on their behalf.

What can Tang Art Advisory do for me?

We advise private and corporate collectors on buying, selling and managing their art assets. If you are looking to build a collection, Tang will do all due diligence before the purchase. If you are looking to sell, Tang provides you with selling options, and will negotiate on your behalf. We also provide advice on how to best manage your art assets to ensure protection of their condition and value. Whether buying, selling, or managing, we will save you time and money and reduce your transactional risk.

How important is access to insiders within the art market?

The art world is notoriously closed to those who are not already operating within it, but Tang can help you get your foot in the door. Our relationships with galleries, art dealers, auction houses, collectors and artists will help to ensure that you have every possible advantage as you begin the process of buying or selling a work of art.

What does it mean when people say the art market is “unregulated?”

An unregulated market is one in which sellers and buyers determine a price outside of any government or other price-setting authority. This means that there are a special set of risks when buying works of art. Fakes and forgeries are common, and it is easy to overpay if proper precautions are not taken. Tang helps clients do the legwork before every transaction, saving you time and money, and reducing your transactional risk.

How does Tang Art Advisory help me buy art?

At Tang Art Advisory we work one-on-one with you to establish collecting goals and build and manage your collection with confidence. We perform all due diligence on your behalf, from price research, to condition assessment, to negotiations, to transportation of the work. We assure that every step of the buying process is seamless so that you may enjoy your collection without having to worry about it.

How do you charge?

We provide an initial phone consultation free of charge. Art asset management contracts are retainer-based. Our standard commission on a transaction is 10% or lower, never more. For transactional work, we require a deposit which can be deducted from the commission we make on a purchase or sale conducted on your behalf.

Will I know how much you make on a transaction you negotiate on my behalf?

Always. Unusually in the art world, we are completely transparent on our pricing and how much we make.

Can Tang Art Advisory help me sort out insurance for my collection?

At Tang Art Advisory, we work closely with insurance carriers and fine art insurance brokers on the protection of our clients’ artworks. Works of art and antiques can be subject to many risks that are not always covered in a standard homeowners policy. We would be happy to assist you in finding the appropriate cover for your art collection and to put you in touch with best-in-market insurance professionals.

Where do you provide your services?

Tang is proud to provide our clients with art advisory services anywhere in the world. We have offices in New York, Easthampton, Philadelphia, Miami, London and Hong Kong, and we have an extensive network of global partners (insurance brokers, lawyers, restorers, appraisers, auction houses, galleries, dealers and fine art transport companies

Do you specialize in any type of art?

Between our in-house experts and our third-party partnerships, Tang can handle any kind of art on you behalf, from Impressionist paintings to modern installations.

Do you handle antiques and jewelry?

Yes. We are experienced in managing large estates that include paintings, sculpture, antique and design furniture, porcelain, silverware and jewelry.

Who are your clients?

We work with private and corporate collectors who are in various stages of building, managing and divesting of their collections of fine and decorative art. Taking into account the financial, tax and legal consequences of art collecting, a large part of our practice consists of working with our clients’ CPA’s, lawyers, trust companies, wealth managers and family offices. We also work with insurance companies on the management of their clients' collections.

Do you advise corporate collections?

Yes. We source artworks for corporations including real estate firms, interior designers and hotels. We also provide curatorial management training to corporations.

Do you pass our information to third parties?

Absolutely not. At Tang, we are aware of the importance of discretion. Only in the course of the work conducted for you and only with your permission will we share information with a third party.

Do I need to sign a contract when engaging Tang Art Advisory?

Yes. We document agreements in order to protect all parties involved. In an international, increasingly litigious marketplace it is paramount that expectations are managed and documented.