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COO and Senior Art Advisor Annelien Bruins on Buying Art

What our clients say

Private Client, East Hampton, New York

"I recently engaged Annelien Bruins of Tang Art Advisory to assist me with buying the art for my Easthampton home. The brief was to include contemporary, local artists as well as a mix of emerging, mid-level and established artists. Annelien did a wonderful job working with my interior designer and as a result the house looks exactly like I envisioned it: a family home that has been passed on from generation to generation. Tang Art Advisory sourced the artworks, arranged shipping and installation and took care of all the paperwork. Annelien also negotiated favorable terms for me so that I essentially received her services for free, and more. She ensured I bought art of a quality that will go up in value in the future. I gladly recommend Annelien to new or established collectors who are looking to build a fine art collection in a smart way."


Private Client, New York, New York

"Navigating the art market is daunting. It seems so opaque and full of noise that one can easily make the wrong decision in buying art. At least that's how I felt when I first started as a collector. But I am so grateful that I've met Annelien, my trusted advisor. Her professional depth and breath in the art market have made investing in art a very pleasant and exciting journey for me. She helps me decide what to buy, how to buy, how to ask the right questions and research the artists and genre I like. I really appreciate her direct and genuine approach. I couldn't imagine doing it any better way."


Meryl Santopietro, Meryl Santopietro Interiors LLC, New York, USA, Award Recipient 2013 ASID New England Excellence in Design

"I worked with Annelien Bruins of Tang Art Advisory on a residential interior design project over the summer. Annelien helped me to source artworks that are a perfect match for my client's interior. She arranged a private viewing for my client. She liaised with the top NYC galleries and artists on our behalf and organized all the logistics surrounding the viewing and acquisition process. I would happily recommend Tang Art Advisory to those who require access to a range of high quality artworks varying from cutting edge contemporary art to works by established masters and who need a fast and reliable art advisory service."


Private Collector, London, UK

Annelien was recommended to us by a mutual connection and we have worked with her on a number of occasions. She has advised us on buying art and the practical considerations one should take into account when going through the purchasing process. We enjoy working with Annelien and we found her advice invaluable. I would happily recommend Annelien to art collectors who need a trustworthy and independent opinion.