Understanding The Synergy Between Art And Interior Design


We asked Fabienne Cosulich, Managing Director of Cosulich Interiors and Antiques, to share her thoughts on the synergy between art and interior design.

On Eclectic Art Collections

“Many collectors have eclectic collections that comprise different types of art: from photography to Dutch Old Masters and African tribal masks. Choosing a contemporary photograph or an Old Master for a room is like seeing a different vision and perspective of that same space, like hearing rock and classical music: they speak two different languages but with the same purpose in mind.”

European Vs. American Collectors

“European and American decorative styles borrow heavily from each other. When seeking refinement and elegance Americans turn to European styles such as French chic and Italian design. At the same time, Europe looks towards America for avant-garde and high tech design and is influenced by American living trends: the open kitchen is an example.”

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On The Benefits Of Exchange In Artistic Styles

“It is the extensive exchange in styles that gives birth to the best decorative ideas. I am thinking in particular of the collaboration between Dale Chihuly and Lino Tagliapietra, the Venetian glass Maestro. One of their virtuoso exchanges of knowledge has been filmed and this video has won the Gold Prize at the 2000 International Television and Video Association Awards.”

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