Join us: Emerging Artists: A Popular Entry-Level Market for Art Buyers

As the contemporary art market continues to grow, more and more collectors are interested in buying work from emerging artists, whether for enjoyment or investment purposes. Join us for a panel talk with the experts

What are the factors that a buyer needs to take into consideration before spending money on an artwork? And can the trajectory of an artist be predicted from the moment they graduate to their entry onto the primary market and transfer to the secondary market? What is the difference between buying emerging art at a gallery and at auction? This panel aims to provide collectors with hands-on guidance on how to assess emerging art – before they buy.

This session will take place offline at The Accessible Art Fair, which breaks barriers by enabling expertly vetted artists to show and sell their work directly to collectors at the iconic New York City landmark, the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park. Please find further details and registration here.


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