The Disruptive Effects of Technology For Art Collecting Families


We asked Edouard Thijssen, Co-Founder and Head of Americas of Trusted Family, to share his thoughts on how technology is changing the way in which his clients communicate.

Our clients are multi-generational business families and single family offices with typically more than 10 family members. Over the last 10 years many of the families we work with have realized that, as their families grow and spread out globally, that it is increasingly important to professionalize the family affairs. That often starts with ensuring good communication and creating a system to manage all of their information and data.”

“More and more parts of our lives will become digitalized in one way or the other. At the same time many Y-generation members and millennials also turned 18. They were all born with technology, have a very mobile lifestyle and have hence different communication styles and habits. Now that they are coming of age, they are getting more involved in their families, and helping the families to adopt new ways of interacting.”

“From a technology perspective, new security innovations will continue to appear and become increasingly easy to use (i.e. finger print authentication). We believe that families will have a more pro-active approach towards security then reactive (most people only care once they have been subject to an attack) and invest more in training of their family members and staff, as that will most likely remain the weakest link.”