If you’ve just started collecting art or if you are thinking of making your first art purchase, you probably have a lot of questions. You’re not the only one. We receive questions from art collectors like yourself all the time:

What are the five things to consider when starting a fine art collection?
How do I buy contemporary art at a gallery, an auction house, online or at an art fair?
Is art really a good investment?
Do I actually need an art advisor or art consultant and what questions should I ask before hiring them?
How do I find a top art advisory firm in New York City or East Hampton?
Where do I learn about understanding the art market?

We are rolling out a new platform this year allowing art collectors like yourself to take charge and to connect with professional art advisors in order to successfully achieve your collecting goals. Why? Well, we’ve been in the art market for 20 years and we know how opaque the art world can be when you first start collecting.


As an Art Collector,

we want you to feel confident that you are obtaining the best - truly independent - advice possible when buying art or when selling a part of your collection. That's why we ask from our affiliate art advisors that they adhere to our Code of Ethics (we'll publish this soon).

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As an Art Advisor,

we want you to know all about Best Practice in the art world so that you can confidently run your business. We want to make it easier for you to have access to private sales opportunities and lastly, to give you exposure to art collectors around the globe.

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