Watch Now: Art Advisory 101 Module 4 - Managing And Selling Art Collections

How do you educate your clients on the maintenance and protection of their art collection? In this module we will touch upon all the aspects of art collection care: from (preventive) conservation treatments to insurance, transport and collection management software. When your clients are ready to sell some or all of their art collection, you’ll need to recommend the best sales strategy, whether privately or at auction. We will show you how to assess sales opportunities, while taking into consideration the market for a particular work, the likelihood of a successful sale and, importantly, the costs associated with the sale.

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Welcome to module four. In this module, I'll tell you everything you need to know about properly managing an art collection. Now that your client has amassed a number of artworks or perhaps you have a client with an existing art collection, it's important for you to know why artwork should be protected and most importantly how you do it. I've really designed this module for taking care of large substantial and valuable art collections, but you'll find something useful in it even if your client has a collection of 10 to 20 pieces.

Like in real estate where regular maintenance schedules help the owners to protect their buildings and to prevent problems further down the line, it really pays off to set up a collection management protocol for an art collection and particularly when it's valuable. Not just to manage the art but also to manage the archives that come with the art.

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Getting regular appraisals is an important part of managing any art collection, and I will discuss appraisals in relation to insurance, estate planning, and sales. Lastly, I'll discuss how you can actually help your client to make the best sales decision when they're ready to sell some or all of their assets.

In this module, I'm going to cover, first of all, why collection management is so important. Secondly, why collection management is really a full-time job. I'll give you a cataloging 101. We'll talk about choosing a collection management software, developing a protocol to manage the art collection, appraisals, and finally sales.