Watch Now: Art Advisory 101 Module 3 - Helping Your Clients Build A Meaningful Collection

In this module we will look at how you provide value to your clients. In order to be successful as an art advisor, you need to understand your clients’ tastes and budgets. We will show you the process for helping collectors create their dream art collection: from the first consultation with you to viewings, acquisition and eventually installation of the art in their home. We will then dive deeper into the different options available to buy artworks: at auction, at a gallery, an artist’s studio or at an art fair. In this module, you will learn how to provide the best possible buying experience to your clients.

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Welcome to module three. Now that you know all the art market fundamentals that we discussed in module one and you know the drivers of value in module two, you're ready to move on to the practical stuff, helping your clients to build a fantastic art collection.

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I'm going to be giving you a lot of practical pointers in this module, and it all concerns providing your clients with the best possible buying experience. This includes the first meeting with your clients, it includes viewing and sourcing the artworks. I'll discuss how to buy at galleries, auctions, art fairs and artists, and lastly, it includes to follow up. Making sure the artworks and are transported adequately, are insured and perhaps you're even able to get a nice referral or a review from your clients.

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Let's get started. In this module I'm going to cover the first conversation with your client, buying from a gallery, buying at auction, taking your client around the fairs, buying directly from artists and finally the follow-up, transport, installation, and insurance.