Best Practices In Art Advisory - Introducing Art Advisory 101

 Photography by Rebecca Brianceau

Photography by Rebecca Brianceau

Collecting art is exciting, intellectually stimulating and emotionally rewarding. And if you know what you’re doing, it could also be worth your while financially. So how do you get to know the art world and make sure you buy quality art at a reasonable price? Well, unless you are willing to spend years acquiring the expertise required to confidently navigate the art world, it’s smart to engage an art advisor. That sounds straightforward. However, the art advisory profession is unregulated.

That means that anyone can call themselves an art advisor. In this article we discuss how art advisors provide value to collectors like you and how you can vet your art advisor. We also introduce the new Art Advisory 101 Program developed by Tang Art Advisory and One Art Nation.This online course was specifically created to guide aspiring art advisors on how to set up their businesses and how to manage the relationships with their collector clients in a market that continues to be highly opaque. Tang Art Advisory and One Art Nation are dedicated to disseminate best practice in the art advisory field, which does not just help art advisors but ultimately collectors, too.

How art advisors provide value to art collectors

Art advisors have an intimate knowledge of art and of the art market. They generally advise private and corporate collectors on art transactions and the management of their collections. Most art advisors work with emerging and experienced collectors, the difference being that emerging collectors usually require more education whereas experienced collectors know their stuff and are more transaction-oriented. An art advisor gives you access to the best quality artworks within your budget.

Says Annelien Bruins, CEO of Tang Art Advisory: ‘What collectors need is an art advisor who knows the art market like the back of their hand. A professional, experienced art advisor can open many doors for collectors and save them time and money’.

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