More Than Ever, The Art World Is Going Online


The art world has never been more connected. Increased access to online galleries and art sales platforms has given collectors the opportunity to buy art from across the globe. Whereas traditionally this discovery process would have required scouring countless art fairs and galleries across continents, today collectors can buy art without ever having to leave home. In fact, the online art market is global and growing: Hiscox’ Online Art Trade Report 2016 puts its value at $3.27 billion.

Increasingly, many collectors are younger and tech-savvy, with a growing number coming from emerging markets. But while the online art industry has helped connect more people to more art, the market isn’t always straightforward – especially for new collectors. Purchasing is only one part of the puzzle but online resources are bridging the immense knowledge gap that still exists between new collectors and the market.

Online resources have the unique ability to bring collectors together with expert advice in one, easily accessible place. This goes a long way to making confident, educated decisions. One Art Nation, for example, demystifies the process of buying art from start to finish, through educational talks, artist showcases and expert interviews. By hosting live symposia at Art Miami, Art Southampton, Art New York, and Art Silicon Valley, One Art Nation keeps an ear to the ground while providing invaluable guidance for collectors.