Understanding residential staffing for HNW families

Once you have the vision for why you need professional home staffing and the particular needs of your lifestyle, you can confidently start executing the staffing roles that will serve you best. Many of our clients have incredible homes that have taken them a long time to create and with much expense. Good staffing will help preserve their asset and accomplish the home life they are looking to create.

Some questions to ask are: How many people will I need? For example, typically for every 5,000 sq. feet you will need a daily housekeeper. Can you get away with a weekly service? Do I need a property manager or a service? If I entertain will I need to bring in staff?

It’s vital to provide your staff with a job description that clearly defines the role they’re hired to perform because job descriptions can vary widely. Once the skill set of the staff you need has been identified, it’s important to focus on achieving the right chemistry. Not only does your staff need to align with your vision of how you want to run your household, members of your staff must be able to work well together.

To establish a level of trust, a thorough background check needs to be conducted, firmly vetting every candidate. Other factors to take into consideration are communication style (either too much or too little), boundaries and liabilities. Next comes the subject of pay. Many clients still pay cash or via 1099 but recent governmental requirements have imposed overtime rules and taxes that will need to be considered.

In summary, after outlining why you need the staff you need, you’ll want to carefully consider what roles will fill these needs.

David Crimmins is the owner of Crimmins Residential Staffing. You can read more about the firm here.