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Managing relationships in the art market
For aspiring art advisors and new art collectors
By Annelien Bruins
Published June 2017

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This eBook addresses the relationship between art advisors and art collectors - from both perspectives. It describes the idiosyncrasies of the art market and why they are problematic for new art collectors. The eBook further discusses the ways in which art advisors provide value to their clients. Over the last century the perception of art has changed from a purchase of passion to a financial asset. This development has had consequences for the way in which art transactions are conducted. The author advises aspiring art advisors on how to successfully manage the relationship with their clients, she discusses the art advisory career trajectory and lastly, the future of the profession.


Art: the New Asset Class
For Art Collectors and their Fiduciaries: Wealth Managers, Family Offices and Trust & Estate Attorneys
By Annelien Bruins
Published July 2016

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Over the past decades the exponential increase in art prices combined with ongoing turmoil in the global financial markets have caused many art collectors to start considering art as an investment vehicle and themselves as investor-collectors. Art is now firmly established as an asset class in its own right, if not for investment purposes than at least because of the potentially significant tax and legal consequences the ownership of (valuable) art brings with it. Unfortunately it is still difficult for an uninformed buyer or seller to do well without the expertise and connections of a market insider. This ebook clarifies the misconceptions that exist about art and the art market.